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Wasp Control:
Kent Wasp Removal operate throughout Kent offering a same day professional wasp nest removal service 7 days per week.

Hornet Control:
Hornet’s nests also removed.

Wasps not only cause a nuisance, they also pose a threat to health and safety. It is important to have them removed quickly and efficiently by local experts. We offer a quick, no fuss, and same day professional solution to your problem.

Guaranteed results
Fully trained operatives
Rapid response – often within a few hours
Fully insured
Competitive prices
Friendly, experienced and professional service
Discounts offered on additional nests
Discreet vehicles


Do I have a wasp nest?
Wasps are very industrious and sometimes you may see lots of them in your garden (collecting food and building supplies) but they may not be nesting in your property. The best thing to do is watch were they fly to and, if you can, where they have flown in from. if you’ve seen them coming in and out from one place, then of course it’s more certain.

If I have a nest can I just leave it?
At it’s busiest, there can be between 5,000 and 10,000 waps in a nest. You must consider the wellbeing of you and your family, your pets and your neighbours.

Do nests naturally die out in the autumn?
Have you noticed that wasps seem to sting more at the end of the summer? well, it’s because it’s that time of year when they are no longer needed by their queen. They also will make their way into properties more frequently as the nights and days get colder. So yes, the nests do die out, but problems may increase.

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